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Electric Avenue – Powertrain Technology for the decade ahead

Start Time:  1:30 pm
End Time:  3:00 pm
Venue: Main Plenary

Planning for a clean, green fleet – how to make it an economic reality sooner.
Exploring new technologies and looking at the opportunity costs and benefits for fleets looking to transition to alternative energy solutions.
Talk to the experts about application of technology into your fleet – right now.

  • new gen drivetrains – you don’t have to wait: these units can be fitted to existing truck models right now.
  • long distance solutions – options and issues
  • Hydrogen, electric, CNG – there’s already a business case for the change in many applications featuring fuel cell guru: Dr Andrew Dicks – Chief Technology Officer of Ethical Developments Pty Ltd, and an adjunct Principal Research Fellow at the Queensland Centre for Micro- and Nanotechnology at Griffith University.
  • Department of the Environment & Energy (AustGov)
  • infrastructure requirements – Super Highway
  • short distance
  • setting up for managing electric fleet

Glen Walker

Regional Director - Oceania. SEA Electric