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Designing your fleet for the new decade

Start Time:  3:30 pm
End Time:  10:00 am
Venue: Breakout 3

The Brisbane Truck Show was a showcase from top to bottom of great new technologies that are set to become a standard part of doing business in coming years.

Part 1. Truck OEM’s talk about their value proposition on their latest innovations. Some of them have been around for a while but are only now gaining real traction – for instance Intelligent fleet management and tracking systems now provide so much good live data that no operation can afford to be without them.

Part 2. The economic imperative – why it makes good business sense to turn your fleet over sooner. Doing the maths for you.

Part 3 – How to ensure your business is set up to manage your updated fleet. Not only is your new truck and trailer capable of talking to base, and to your dealer’s service workshop, it can also self-diagnose – meaning the workshop will already be prepared for its arrival – eliminating huge amounts of downtime.

Part 4 – the Australian heavy vehicle market still offers an incredible amount of opportunity for customisation including choice of components in OEM vehicles. It’s a different market to what it was, with many OEM’s and component suppliers

Still not convinced? We’ll show you why. We’ll also show you a bunch of other great ideas that will improve your fleet’s productivity, safety and bottom line.