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Rob Di Cristoforo

Advantia Transport Consulting

Rob Di Cristoforo BEng(Aero)(Hons) CMILT RPEQ
Managing Director, Advantia Transport Consulting

Rob has designed and evaluated the on-road performance of safer and more productive road freight vehicle configurations for more than 18 years.  In 2008 Rob founded Advantia Transport Consulting and now leads a team of engineers who deliver an array of highly sought-after services in this field.  Using both computer simulation and instrumented track testing of vehicle dynamics, Advantia has obtained PBS Design Approvals for innovative vehicle configurations and has advised governments on the future of heavy vehicle mass and dimension policy.

Rob is Secretary of the International Forum for Road Transport Technology, which is the only multi-continental organisation dedicated to improving the safety and productivity of heavy vehicle transport through better mass and dimension regulation worldwide.  He is also a member of two standing committees of the United States Transportation Research Board of the National Academies (AT055 Truck Size and Weight & ANB70 Truck and Bus Safety).